The restoration of Martindale began in 2011. To date, replacement or restoration of her deck, lighting and power, engine, propellor shaft and bearings have been completed. The restoration of the galley, saloon, staterooms and bathrooms is underway.

 Martindale Restoration   Martindale Restoration   Martindale Restoration   Martindale Restoration

Making the deck watertight was the first step in the restoration. The beech decking installed over the teak was replaced as it could not be repaired. Once this was complete, work could begin below.

A replacement engine was found - at the bottom of Sydney Harbour. It was salvaged from a boat that sunk in Berrys Bay early in 2010. The engine, an 8-cyl Gardner, was completely stripped and rebuilt before being installed in 2012.

Her top-sides were painted while moored and in December 2012 she was slipped for a thorough clean and anti-fouling of her underside. A new propellor shaft was machined and installed in April 2013. Interior painting, varnishing the outside woodwork, re-running electrical wiring and installing lights and power points has been completed.

  Martindale Restoration   Martindale Restoration   Martindale Restoration   Martindale Restoration   Martindale Restoration  

In April 2014, work on the galley commenced. Recent repairs to the water tanks has enabled plumbing work to progress with running water being connected to the galley in August 2014.

Electrics for the main anchors is almost complete and the deisel generator installation is nearing completion.

Work continues in the saloon with cupboards being installed behind the bunks and measurements taken for the upholstery in October 2014. During November all timber in the saloon was varnished ready for the upholstery and engineroom doors hung, making the saloon quieter.

Martindale's saloon   Engine room doors   Martindale saloon   Martindale wheelhouse   Martindale with missen mast   Martindale awning

The saloon and wheelhouse upholstery was completed in early December 2014 and the mizzen mast installed (through the saloon table) later in December. During January 2015 the boom was installed and supports added for the awning. In February the awning was installed, providing shade over the aft deck, making sailing in the summer months even more pleasant. In April Sydney experienced some severe storms and Martindale's new awning was damaged with a number of the awning supports being broken. The awning has been removed and new supports crafted and installed. During June, work on wiring the main mast with lights was completed and the mast installed at the end of the month.

Martindale storm damage  Martindale storm damage  Martindale storm damage  Installing Martindale's main mast  Installing Martindale's main mast  Installing Martindale's main mast 

One of the bearings on the propellor shaft shatterd while returning from having the main mast fitted. It took a few months for the new bearing to be sourced and fitted. Martindale was invited by the Wooden Boat Association to join them at the Classic and Wooden Boat Festival in Darling Harbour in April 2016. In preparation for the festival Martindale was slipped, work was completed at the back of the wheelhouse and carpet was laid in the saloon. The festival was a great opportunity to show off Martindale and we received many positive comments. Unfortunately just as we arrived one of our steering cables broke. Both cables have since been replaced.

  Shattered prop shaft bearing July 2015    Slipping March 2016    Wheelhouse March 2016    Saloon with carpet April 2016    Broken steering cable April 2016 

General repairs and maintenance continue.


You can enjoy the Martindale experience by becoming a member of Club Martindale.