Martindale on Sydney Harbour

Martindale is a prestige private vessel, commissioned and enjoyed by one of the wealthiest pastoral families in South Australia in the 1930's. She is being restored by her trustees and helpers.

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This website will be regularly updated with news of the restoration. Further information about Martindale's history will also be added as it is collated.


Martindale has had an eventful history. She was commissioned by the Mortlock family and launched in 1932. She served during WWII as a patrol vessel and was subsequently restored before falling into disrepair after she was sold. Martindale's restoration is well underway.


Martindale's restoration is being udertaken by a small team of dedicated trustees and enthusiatic helpers. You can support the restoration and enjoy time on this special vessel by joining Club Martindale.

Club Martindale

You are invited to become a member of Club Martindale and enjoy all that Martindale has to offer. Membership funds are used for the maintenance and restoration of Martindale.

Martindale will make regular trips around Sydney and Middle Harbours. As a member of Club Martindale you will be invited to a number of these events each year. Private trips can also be arranged, so you and your guests can enjoy the special feeling of being aboard Martindale.